The Best Triple Bunk Beds for Messy Children

Wading through your child’s room can seem to be an uphill task on an average day; a toy here, a bag there, it can get very difficult for you to navigate your way through the twists and turns in such a situation. Admittedly, what is a child to do; »

Guidance on the Safety of Bunk Beds

Guidance on the Safety of Bunk Beds Serious accidents have occurred where children have slipped through gaps in the restraining rails of bunk beds and trapped their heads. To prevent injury, strangulation or suffocation a British/European Standard BS EN 747-1: 2012+A1:2015 has been developed. The Standards specify »

TV Beds Tor The Modern Home

Are you a sucker for a good night rest (or you seize the opportunity sleep whenever you can because of your bizarre working hours) and will give anything to make sure that when you want to have a good rest, you do it in the comfort of a comfy bed »

Is It Time For A New Bed..?

Not all of us know how important it is to have a good bed and a supportive mattress. If you are one of the people that wake up feeling tired or aching all over then maybe it is time for a new bed. This may be because your bed is »

The cost of a good nights sleep.

Here at Bedkingdom we don’t just write blogs we read them too and one of our favourites is by the sleep council who are the trade association of British bed makers. They recently did a survey on how much people are prepared to spend on a bed, bear in »

Tips on designing a kid's bedroom

When designing one of your kid’s bedrooms many parents think they know best as they “were kids once” but things change, fashions change and let’s face it you were kids a long time ago! So when you’re doing up a kids bedroom you should take care and »

Bedroom Design Ideas to Make it Look Bigger and Spacious

The main crux of what we do is beds, we sell beds! We do other furniture, in fact we have an extensive range but we are known for our great quality low cost beds. When it comes to bedrooms and perhaps kids bedrooms in particular they can be smaller rooms »