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The cost of a good nights sleep.

Here at Bedkingdom we don’t just write blogs we read them too and one of our favourites is by the sleep council who are the trade association of British bed makers. They recently did a survey on how much people are prepared to spend on a bed, bear in »

What types of bed are suitable for my child?

So what is a mid sleeper? There are many types of children's beds these days some with desks, storage, pull out beds but what do they all mean. Well, this is designed to help you through the world of kids beds. A mid sleeper is the name for a bed »

A story of our first house’s development

I married Mike when I was just 23, I had just qualified as a nurse and he worked as a greenkeeper at a local golf club. We were both relatively new to our professions and didn’t earn a great deal. However, our needs were small and we didn’t »