5 Must Reads For Your Bedroom Table

Bedroom table

Cool Ideas For Your Bedroom Table

Such is the way of modern life, we often don’t find ourselves with the time for leisure reading as we might have once done, but keeping these five must read books on your bedside table means you can pick them up whenever you have some time. I always find the sight of a tower of potential worlds to escape to a joyous thing, something to make me smile and an opportunity never to be missed.

Here are five books which i think you should add to your must read list.

1. How To Stop Time – by Matt Haig

There have been stories along a similar vein before, the idea of someone who has lived for centuries, who is able to interact with significant figures of historical importance, often using this to reference a fear of ageing or death, but Matt Haig creates this world in a big hearted and original manner, giving life to the character of Tom Hazard and allowing us to immerse ourselves in his time travel adventures.

2. The Help – by Kathryn Stockett

A beautiful and moving work of fiction, based very realistically on the experiences women of colour would have had in 1960’s Mississippi.

This funny, heart wrenching and deeply immersive world introduces us to several women and their stories, and how they are linked and brought together for a clandestine project that will send ripples out throughout time.

3. This Is Going To Hurt – by Adam Kay

If you prefer to read a book of non fiction then I can highly recommend this is one for you.

The secret diaries of a junior doctor, written as he experienced this unfathomable profession, the book is dark, hysterically funny and incredibly poignant.

The perfect book to keep at your bedside it is easy to dip in and out if required, though be warned, you will soon find yourself hooked as you wonder how some of the tales could possibly be true.

4. The Unmumsy Mum – by The Unmumsy Mum

Another lighthearted but all too realistic work of non fiction, this is one for every parent (or potential parent) as the infamous mum blogger shares her account of motherhood in the early years.

This book will have you bursting out loud with laughter, turning queasy at some of the tales and most likely shedding a tear as you come to realise you really aren’t on your own on this parenting path, and that no one actually knows what they’re doing.

5. The Power – by Naomi Alderman

This book really does live up to it’s name. a powerful and descriptive tale that will leave you shivering with recognition at the world Naomi Alderman conjures up.

Taking a small twist of nature, and giving teenage girls unimaginable power gives life to a gripping and enthralling story, yet will leave you pondering the comparisons of our own modern world.

If stories such as The Handmaid’s Tale or 1984 are your thing then you will be sure to be allured by The Power.

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