Tips for finding the perfect double bed

Double bed

Tips for finding the perfect double bed!

Picking the perfect double bed may seem like a daunting task. Maybe you are redecorating and want something more
fitting for space or maybe your favourite bed just needs an upgrade. Here
are a few tips so that you find the right bed for you.

Measure The Space.

When you are looking to replace your current bed you will need to measure the space it will be going into
accurately. Mark the space out on the floor with masking tape will ensure that
you get a good view of where the bed will go and if it will fit as you expect
in the space.

What Material Will It Be Made From?

These days you can get wooden, metal and fabric beds and headboards. What do you see your double bed looking like
and what kind of feel would you like. Metal beds can feel quite modern, wooden
can be chic or shabby chic and fabric beds can look luxurious. Think about
which option is right for you!

Think About Longevity.

Will, your current room revamp be here to stay, are you’re growing your family? All things to consider before purchasing
your new double bed. You’ll want it to have a classic clean look if you’re
likely to change decor and it to be versatile if you’re thinking of expanding
your family!

Think About The Space Underneath.

All beds have some space underneath and if you are lacking in storage space you may want to use this to your
advantage. A bed with storage underneath is ideal for small spaces so think
about if you’d like draws underneath, a lift up the base for storage or under bed
containers. Most beds can accommodate at least one of these options so think
about how you’d like it to look and how accessible things stored would need to

Does It Make You Happy?

Most of us spend a lot of time in our bedroom after the living room or family space. You want it to feel calm and
relaxed. When shopping for your double bed think about what makes you feel calm
and relaxed. You’ll want to have lazy Sunday mornings or may want to read in
bed before sleep. It is important to think about how you want your bedroom to
look and feel.

We hope you find your perfect bed!

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