The cost of a good nights sleep.

The cost of a good nights sleep.

Here at Bedkingdom we don’t just write blogs we read them too and one of our favourites is by the sleep council who are the trade association of British bed makers. They recently did a survey on how much people are prepared to spend on a bed, bear in mind that it was just a quick question and didn’t take into account whether the bed was a double, king size or another size of bed.

So what did they find? Well the whole point of the survey was to tie in to national bed month. They stated that research proved that an old bed can rob you of your precious sleep and that a supportive bed that does the job it is supposed to is a need for everyone should they wish to perform at their best both mentally and physically.

So the poll, which was carried out in March 2015 showed that just over half of those surveyed slept on a bed that cost less than £699 with a third spending between £100 and £399. They broke this figure down and presumed that a double bed slept 2 people and that the average life span of a bed is 7 years. This means that if the bed cost £399 then each person would spend 7p on a night’s sleep. Bargain!! If we multiply this up then a £1000 bed would cost 20p a night to sleep on. It isn’t much when you compare it to a glass of wine or a beer which you might take to help you to sleep. Even a milky drink to help you sleep would cost more. Wouldn’t your money be better spent on a great bed?

Our beds at Bedkingdom are the cheapest online so for £1000 you can get an amazing bed. I won’t bore you with the hundreds you could get off our site but image this beauty in your bedroom;

And it’s available from just £1298.00. Imagine the time you could spend tucked up in that beauty of a TV Bed. In the seven years that a bed lasts on average you will rack up over 20,000 hours in bed so it’s worth spending a bit more and ensuring you get the perfect bed for you.

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