A story of our first house’s development

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I married Mike when I was just 23, I had just qualified as a nurse and he worked as a greenkeeper at a local golf club. We were both relatively new to our professions and didn’t earn a great deal. However, our needs were small and we didn’t need a massive house and we both had prospects.

A story of our first house’s developmentWe bought a lovely terrace house it had two bedrooms that were not too bad a size and a small box room at the back. Downstairs there was a living room and a kitchen with a small eating area and then the bathroom was also downstairs. This arrangement suited us as it didn’t matter if we had to run downstairs to the loo wearing just our pyjamas, after all, who would see!

Then along came Oliver and then a year and a half later little Chloe. From having a kitchen with a small eating area where we would sit and chat over a bagel and the papers, a spare room with a computer and all our household paperwork and a small but neat and tidy cosy living room we went to have a kitchen with hardly enough space for us all the sit without knocking into each other, the kids just about fitting into bedrooms and us having a small table in the corner of ours with a laptop on and a load of papers stuffed underneath. The living room was now filled with hundreds of toys of all shapes and sizes but mainly made out of the plastic that seems to expand daily.

Oliver’s room just about fits in his bed but storage was a problem for him as his grandparents, in particular, brought him lots of toys and he spent a lot of time in his room playing. Chloe only had a cot bed and it’s a good job as her room was tiny.

A story of our first house’s developmentWe decided to get Oliver a mid sleeper, mainly for the storage but also as a play area for him. We did consider a high sleeper but decided he was just a bit too young for that height and although he would love it we would worry. We will upgrade to on in a few years if he still wants one. We chose for him the Stompa Uno Midsleeper as it has storage for his toys, shelves for his books and a play area underneath where he can sit and race his cars and his dinosaurs can fight each other. They do other matching furniture which we are saving up and hopefully, in 6 months we can give him a really amazing bedroom.

I guess the next big decision will be when Chloe needs a bigger bed, I am not even sure a bed will fit in her room. We may even have to move but I don’t really want to we have everything we need here for now.