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Bedroom Table

5 Must Reads For Your Bedroom Table

Such is the way of modern life, we often don’t find ourselves with the time for leisure reading as we might have once done, but keeping these five must read books on your bedside...
children bed

Bed choices for children

So you have chosen to transition your child from their cot to their own bed. This can feel like such a big step as a parent and child and so we wanted to share...
Guest Bedroom

5 Ways To Make Your Guest Bedroom Stand Out

If your spare room is feeling a bit tired and lack lustre, why not try some of these five ways to turn it into a guest bedroom you will want to show off.
child's mattress

Things to think about when buying your child’s mattress

From their first precious moments in live to the teenage years you’ll be looking at products that best support your child. The majority of their early years are hopefully spent sleeping so getting the...

What the symbols on your mattress mean

Choosing the right mattress is an important task, and understanding what the symbols on your mattress mean will ensure you make the best decision. This guide aims to makes understanding these symbols clearer, ensuring...

How to pick the right mattress for you

If you are looking to replace your current double bed and mattress then look no further. Here at Bed Kingdom we want you to get the best nights sleep and so we have put...