Bedroom Design Ideas to Make it Look Bigger and Spacious

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Bedroom design ideas to make it look bigger and spaciousThe main crux of what we do is beds, we sell beds! We do other furniture, in fact we have an extensive range but we are known for our great quality low cost beds. When it comes to bedrooms and perhaps kids bedrooms in particular they can be smaller rooms so it is important to be careful when decorating them. You have to be a bit creative and consider other aspects when looking at these rooms. So what is it you need to consider?

  • Vertical space: lack of floor space can be a problem but don’t forget the wall space, this can be used for clever storage and also to draw the eye upwards which creates the illusion of space.
  • Another way of creating the illusion of space is to separate the room into distinct areas. Use room dividers, shelving or just have areas in the room that have a purpose, so maybe have a sleeping area, a storage area and a play area or work area.
  • Bedroom design ideas to make it look bigger and spaciousMake sure the room is tidy, small rooms cannot cope with clutter.
  • Be careful with your carpet, wall to wall carpeting that is single colour can make a room look smaller. So utilise wooden floors, rugs or coloured tiles.
  • Consider multifunctional furniture that has a dual purpose, this will save on space. Also if the furniture is low lying then this will keep the room open and make extenuate the space available.
  • Colour is an important factor and light colours will open up the space more. If you do want bold colours then don’t use them on every wall and instead alternate them with lighter shades.
  • Whilst looking at using the vertical space use lots of shelving, this reduces clutter and if they are painted the same colour as the walls they won’t stand out and the feeling of space will remain.
  • Don’t use heavy curtains or big bulky blinds and shutters. Window dressings that sit inside a window frame or tight to it will keep the space better.
  • Bedroom design ideas to make it look bigger and spaciousMirrors help bounce light around a room and if you place them opposite windows they will reflect outside views making the room seem bigger.
  • Use lighting wisely, let in as much natural light as possible during the day and specific lighting at night that lights defined areas. That way other areas will be in shadow and it adds depth to the room.

I hope these tips help you when designing your bedroom look and don’t forget the bed be it an adults bed or a child’s bed we have them all

them all