Bed choices for children

Children bed

How to Choose a Children Bed

So you have chosen to transition your child from their cot to their own bed. This can feel like such a big step as a parent and child and so we wanted to share a few things that will help you along the way.

Toddler Bed or Single Bed

A toddler bed isn’t as big as your modern day single bed.

It can feel less scary for a small child then a single bed however this style of bed lasts until 5-6 years of age and then you will have to buy a single later.

Toddler beds are great for those with smaller spaces or those parents intending on sharing a room with their child for a longer period of time.

Shared bedroom

If your child is going to share a bedroom with a sibling then you may want to look at a bunkbed. These can help with problems like having a small shared bedroom or the need for storage. You can use bed barriers for the youngest sibling on the bottom bunk bed and we would always say that the eldest sibling (6 plus) uses the higher bed for safety reasons.

Mattress Choices

You will want the best support for your child’s body and so professionals suggest that this will be a sprung system. This will help with spinal support and give general support during the toddler to school growing years. Did you know that it is suggested that your change your child’s mattress every 3 years up until the age of 10? This is because their needs and growth changes so much during these early years!

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Bed choices for children