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How to arrange pillows on a bed

If you own a hotel or guesthouse, or if you’re just trying to work out how to make your bedroom look more elegant and put together, you might be wondering how to arrange pillows...
Mathy by bols treehouse bunk bed with platform slide

What are the best bunk beds for kids?

So what are the best bunk beds, One of the most exciting moments for any child is when their mum and dad buys them a bunk bed? Maybe you have twins, a niece or...
Flair furnishings infinity open memory mattress

Best beds for side sleepers

Looking for a new bed can be overwhelming - there are so many options to choose from! So where do you start? The best way to decide on the right bed and mattress for...
Tv beds: more than just a bachelor's dream

TV beds: more than just a bachelor’s dream

Are you a gadget lover? Perhaps you’re a telly addict. Whatever your reasons for wanting a TV bed, you may be wondering what types of TV beds are available to buy, and which are...
How to upgrade your new home with a fabric bed

How to upgrade your new home with a fabric bed

If you’ve recently bought a new home or are simply looking to upgrade your current space, you may be wondering where to start. One of the most popular rooms to renovate is the bedroom...
Bunk beds

Are bunk beds good for adults?

Are bunk beds good for adults? When we think of bunk beds, we often think of children’s bedrooms and sharing with siblings. Bunk beds, however, are also a great option for adults, depending on...