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Design your child's bedroom for now and the future 1

Design your child’s bedroom for now and the future

Tips & Ideas - How to design your child's bedroom Children change their mind, it’s a well-known fact, it could be that they want different toys they change what they want to wear or...
child’s bedroom

Make Your Child’s Bedroom Brilliant

Try to see this little space in the world through your child’s eyes. Yes, bright green walls may give you a headache, but this is their little corner of the house and they deserve...

Creating the perfect teenagers bedroom

Are you looking to update your child’s bedroom to give it an older feel? Every child will eventually grow out of their bedroom. The teen years are the perfect time to give your child...
kids creativeness

Bed Kingdom and how it offers Optimum Creativeness to Your Kid’s Bedroom

Your kid’s bedroom is a crucial place, the centre where their growth and development can be seen. Children are at the time of their life where change often happens – their wants and preferences...
Tips on designing a kid's bedroom 2

Tips on designing a kid's bedroom

When designing one of your kid’s bedrooms many parents think they know best as they “were kids once” but things change, fashions change and let’s face it you were kids a long time ago!...
What types of bed are suitable for my child? 4

What types of bed are suitable for my child?

So what is a mid sleeper? There are many types of childrens beds these days some with desks, storage, pull out beds but what do they all mean. Well this is designed to help...