Creating A Modern Nursery


Here are some modern nursery ideas.

Long gone are the days when pink or blue, or a cartoon mural were your only options for your child’s nursery, now there is a wide scope to be able to create the stylish and modern nursery of your dreams.

Colour Scheme

Keeping to a neutral or monochrome colour scheme is a sure way to give your nursery a modern feel.

However this doesn’t mean that the room must be plain. The option to create pastel yellow and grey stripes, with clean defined lines will give this room the wow factor. Or use vinyl shapes to cast a scatter of black spots across a pastel or white back ground.

Keeping to a neutral or monochrome scheme will also give you plenty of scope to accent the room in a bright colour if desired.


Your furniture choices are going to heavily influence the feel of the nursery. If it’s a modern bedroom you’re looking to create, then choosing ornate pieces in an antique stain will not fit in.

Look for pieces with sharp, definite lines, that don’t curl and give a floral vibe. Furniture with a definite cuboid shape will enhance the modern look.

Soft furnishings

With the bedding, floor rugs and any blankets, throws or cushions, you can of course keep in with the colour scheme you have chosen. Monochrome sheets with a matching floor rug will add the finishing touches to a back and white style. However this is also your chance to introduce a flash of colour into the nursery, using the soft furnishings to be able to bring in a dramatic flair. A brightly coloured scatter cushion or quilt to drape over the cot will brighten up your modern nursery if a pop of colour is more suited to you.

Framed Prints

There’s a reason framed prints of inspirational quotes, or hand crafted pieces of modern art have become so popular. they really help tie a whole room together, and are easily incorporated into any style and design.

To keep in with your modern feel choose frames that are not intricate or fussy. A simple straight frame, either in a matching wall colour or in a flash of accent colour will provide an eye catching touch to your nursery.

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