Creating the most restful and appropriate bedroom.

Creating the most restful and appropriate bedroom. 1

We can look at different needs for adults, teens, children and babies but at the end of the day a fresh comfortable bed is the start point for a restful nights sleep. When we are dealing with a child then a bedroom should be a place to sleep it shouldn’t be a place where they watch TV or play video games. I know this is difficult in this day and age and peer pressure is probably stronger than it has ever been. All kids have phones these days, we understand that, but can they be turned off when they go to bed?

The basis of this is that bed should be identified as a place to sleep, the body will come to realise this too. If a bed is kept for that purpose then it is believed that it will be easier to fall asleep. If their room has specific areas and the child’s bed is kept for sleep this can help, if the room is kept tidy and toys and games are put away at night leaving the bed as being the focus at night time that will help.

The environment of the bedroom is important too. So if the room is quiet, if it has good curtains or blinds which keep the room dark, if the room is aired and the bedding fresh all these things will help. Animals, including humans, sleep better when it is cooler, so keep the room cool don’t leave the heating on in the bedroom.

As children grow their tastes in bedroom furniture will change that’s obvious but if we can get the basics right then we can all look forward to a better nights sleep as well as better behaved kids and partners!

Creating the most restful and appropriate bedroom. 2