Creating the perfect teenagers bedroom


Tips To Create The Perfect Teenagers Bedroom

Are you looking to update your child’s bedroom to give it an older feel? Every child will eventually grow out of their bedroom. The teen years are the perfect time to give your child ownership over their room whilst also making sure that whatever colour and furniture choices are made you’re not having to redecorate every few years.

Here is our guide to ensuring your teens bedroom looks amazing:

Choose your colours wisely:

Your tween to teen may like bright pink now but in a few years they’ll be cringing at asking their friends over.
There isn’t anything wrong with using bold colours but try and stick to one wall and make it a feature wall.

Go for a plain wall colour that will be more durable with your furnishings.

Wall hangings and photo frames are easy changed compared to having to paint a whole room!

Use the space wisely:

How much storage space will your teen need? We all know children have less toys as they grow up but they will still need a good amount of storage for clothes, books, games etc.

Under bed storage is an ideal solution if you don’t have much space to play with.

If you have a built in wardrobe think about adding some shelving in as well.

Think about buying a larger bed:

Now may the time to consider buying a double bed for your teens room. I know you may be panicking about the storage but something like the Serene Tuscany Leather Ottoman bed frame ( would be ideal for a teen’s room.

The bed has loads of space for storing – think an alternative to a book case – and is easy to use so no need to panic about getting to things quickly!

Think about guests:

Of course your teen will want to invite their friends to their updated room. Think about making it comfortable
for them to spend their time in (plus it means they’re less likely to take over your living room). It also helps for last minute sleepovers too!

Most of all get your teen involved from everything to which bed to buy to what colours will work with them. Invest in using the time to get to know what they like before going into sorting out their room. Be prepared to go through years of collecting and hoarding, to let go of some memories and to set them free.

If you need help with which furniture works in a smaller room for a teen do give us a call.

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Creating the perfect teenagers bedroom