Design your child’s bedroom for now and the future

Design your child's bedroom for now and the future

Tips & Ideas – How to design your child’s bedroom

Children change their mind, it’s a well-known fact, it could be that they want different toys they change what they want to wear or they want a different bedroom. There are so many influences on them that they are told they want this and that by advertisers on television, in comics and magazines and on the internet.

They are pressured by their friends, siblings and peers to get the latest look and gadgets. Let’s be honest they don’t have much of a chance really they are surrounded by things telling them to change their minds constantly. To be honest that’s ok they are allowed to change their minds they need to learn how to handle the pressures of modern day life telling you that you need this, that and the next thing and when you are a kid you don’t have the money to do it so you can learn without spending a fortune. For parents however it can all be frustrating, time consuming and expensive!

Now I am no expert on dealing with laptops, mobile phones and with changing fashions but I do know a thing or two about bedrooms and there are tips and ideas you can use to ensure that your child has a bedroom that can grow with them and change to let them express themselves as they grow older.

Depending on your child’s age they will want to do lots of things in their bedroom. They will use it to play and to have fun in, they may be of an age where they will need to do homework and study in there and they will undoubtedly use it to chill in and to spend time away from everyone in the house.

Another problem is often that the room isn’t that big. Mum and dad take the biggest room and if a child is the second or third child he may be left with the smallest room in the house coupled with the fact that in modern houses often the rooms are small to start with.

So you are left with a smallish room that needs to be multi-functional, up to date, changeable with trends, that has chill out, play and work spaces and that reflects your child’s personality. Sounds like you really need to get your thinking, imaginative and creative hats on. So sit them down gets ideas from them and then add the practicality and work a budget around those ideas. You don’t want to be redoing this bedroom every year so there are ways to ensure that you don’t need to do this.

Invest in timeless bedroom furniture; you can so easily get drawn into buying furniture that looks cute and would suit your child for the next year but don’t get caught up in fads keep to your plan. Look to buy pieces of furniture that you can keep for years to come, why buy a small nursery wardrobe when a bigger one will last them for years and better still if it a classic design then it will never go out of fashion. If you have room for a bigger bed then get one, it will help when they are older, may help when visitors come to stay or when they have friends sleeping over.

Multi functional bedroom furniture isn’t new but it has certainly become more widely available in the past few years. Beds can now incorporate desks, spare pull out beds, lighting, storage, wardrobes almost anything you may need either now or in the future. In many cases these features can be changeable so you may need storage now but in the future you may need a desk. So now you buy the storage section and when you need the different facility you just have to buy the desk attachment and not a whole new bed.

Design your child's bedroom for now and the future

So your bigger furniture items such as mid sleepers, high sleepers and cabin beds are multi-functional, they are in a timeless design so everything is going to last both in terms of functionality and design. The other big expenses in a bedroom are flooring, window coverings and floor coverings. I would suggest keeping these relatively neutral; anything that cost a significant amount needs to last so anything that may become outdated quickly shouldn’t be considered. What we don’t want to do is end up with a room that is devoid of character and personality. This is your child’s space and they will want and need stimulating things in their room.

This personality can be added with accessories; so cushions, bedding, lamp shades, rugs. So they may want a superhero bedroom then a batman rug and a superman duvet will undoubtedly make them happy. Their favourite football team in a picture on the wall or on their lamp shade will make them happy and down the line when they don’t like superheroes and have moved onto film stars they can be easily changed.

When it comes to children nothing last for a long time; think back to when you were a kid you know pop groups came and went as did your favourite celebrities and TV shows. So keep your kids involved with the design of their bedroom but at the same time keep it practical and timeless. Let them have their knickknacks and finishing touches but take charge of the bigger pieces and you will have a room that will stand the test of time and not cost you a fortune every single year!