Do you know how to clean your mattress?


How To Clean A Mattress and Get Rid of Stains

When buying a new mattress you can expect for it to last you around 8-10 years. This is a long time and the
mattress will see a lot of sleep. Because of the natural fibres that make up your mattress you’ll want to know the next ways to keep your mattress smelling fresh and keeping clean. Here’s our simple guide:

Use a mattress protector.

This is especially useful if you have children because they will spill items, dribble and may have leaks that you don’t want the mattress to soak up!

Change your bedding regulary.

This gives a barrier protection between your mattress and you. If you are hot during the night then you may want
to change more often but as a general guide change your bedding once a week.

Get the hoover out!

When you change your bedding give the mattress a hoover too! This will remove any dust it has collected. Make sure you move top to bottom rather than in a random pattern.

Deodorise and treat.

When you change your better use something to get rid of smells. We love using baking soda as a natural product
or you may prefer an antibacterial spray like Zoflora (do not use around pets or children) and then air the mattress for 30 minutes before running the hoover over again and then putting your new bedding on.

Treat stains as soon as you spot them so that they don’t ruin and soak into the mattress. You can use the local
supermarket brand you use for clothes but always check the label on your mattress to see what has been suggested first.

Flip the mattress!

Mattresses can take time to settle especially when they are new. It is always a good idea to flip your mattress on a regular basis so that any body dents made have time to recover. It also means that the mattress will be aired both sides on a regular basis.

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