FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Mattresses come in so many sizes and so many features it is sometimes hard to know where to begin. Personally you will likely have decided or at least have an idea on what sized bed and mattress is required for you, but it may be that you have more questions on the types of features available with mattresses.

Our staff find that the most commonly asked question (faq) is “What’s the difference”, essentially there are three distinct focuses with mattresses. Whether they are solely for comfort, if they need to provide orthopaedic properties and how durable they need to be. Different mattresses will suit different people in a variety of different ways. So it’s important you know what it is you’ll need, from firmness to the outer material feel and the interiors used, all of these things can make a huge difference to getting a good nights sleep.

How Do The Interior Of A Mattress Make A Difference?

We have four main interiors that make up a mattress, foam filled, memory foam, synthetic also known as classic and natural.

Natural and synthetic are the simplest of fillings and known best for durability and breathability.

Foam mattresses contain different ratios of foams, such as latex or reflex, and will be named for the type that they are made up mostly of.

Memory foam contours to the body with the assistance of your on body heat and are especially good for providing spine and joints support.

How Does The Firmness Of A Mattress Make A Difference?

The firmness of a mattress is mostly related to the comfort, though you must also take into account any health reasons, for example a firmer mattress will provide better spine support.

You should also take in to consideration the sleepers weight, or both if the bed is to be shared with a partner. Heavier sleepers may find more comfort in a firmer mattress, and lighter in a softer mattress.

What Difference Do Springs Make In A Mattress?

The Springs in the interior of a mattress will help make up the structure and offer more support. Split into two categories sprung mattresses are mostly open coil sprung or pocket sprung. You can also get spring free mattresses, which are mostly found to be made with reflex foam.

Sprung mattresses offer a firmer and more balance support, with pocket sprung mattresses being the best to help ease pressure points. Pocket sprung mattresses are also often a first choice for partners sharing a bed, as their individual movement means it’s less likely to disturb a second sleeper if the other is moving.

Mattresses that have no springs at all are considerably softer and mostly for comfort, but rarely offer any support at all.


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