Guides to our bed sizes

Bed sizes

Single bed

Ideal for small children, single beds offer you an ideal way to get a great night’s sleep without sacrificing sleep quality. Single beds offer you a long-lasting investment for children as they progress and grow through their childhood. They are the perfect fit for smaller rooms, giving you comfort without taking up too much space.

Small double beds

A great option for couples with rooms that are short on space, but want an intimate bed to spend time together. Small double beds are also a good alternative to a single bed for growing teenagers. The extra room gives them the chance to spread out or move as they sleep.

Double beds

One of the most popular sizes, double beds allow couples to sleep together without each person disturbing the other’s sleep. There are a number of dimensions available, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

King size beds

These are the ideal bed for your master bedroom. They are perfect for tall people and those who have bigger builds, to properly fit into and to spread out comfortably.

Super king size beds

If you want extreme comfort and you have a lot of space, the super king size bed is the ultimate luxury bed for you. They measure over six feet wide and long, so there’s ample space for you to sleep in.