How do you Watch TV in bed and still get a good nights sleep?

How do you watch tv in bed and still get a good nights sleep?

Back in the day families used to have one TV in the house and they had a choice of three channels. Then some of the lucky ones had two televisions but there was nothing good to watch on the spare one. Nowadays families have a TV in every room, In the Lounge, the kitchen, every bedroom and some people even have them in the bathroom! Maybe its overkill but who are we to say what people do in their own homes. We are going to talk here about TV in the bedroom, this area maybe has more to discuss as bedrooms are designed for sleep and as such some would say that a TV will interfere with that and create a nation of bleary eyed, tired, non-productive people.

But when it comes down to it most of us like to wind down in bed before sleep by watching something on the tele. Also if one of you is watching something in the living room then the bedroom is a good place to escape and watch something different. What you need to ensure is that the lighting is right for bedtime TV viewing and also the positioning. This is a lot easier these days when you can have a flat screen TV on the wall or even one coming out of the bottom of your bed. Not only does this give a good viewing angle while you are lying down but it also provides good storage in a bed room where your space may be more limited.

So what other tips are there for watching TV in bed? Well you can actually get specialist glasses where the lenses are flatter and you can watch comfortably whilst lying down. You could use an adjustable bed where you can change the tilt of the bed to suit your perfect viewing angle. We have already mentioned TV beds and these provide for good bedtime viewing.

How do you watch tv in bed and still get a good nights sleep?

Lighting is also important it is best not to watch the TV in the dark as your eyes will get used to it and you won’t be able to sleep as well once the TV is off. If you have some sort of lighting whether it be a bedside lamp or a dimmer switch on the main light you will have something to ‘turn off’ so your brain knows it is sleep time as opposed to TV watching time.

The last thing to consider is the sound, this is especially a factor if you have kids sleeping in the next room or one of you wants to watch and the other doesn’t. It could be worth investing in some good quality headphones if one of you wishes to sleep. If keeping the noise that can be heard in the next room is the issue why not get some speakers that can sit next to your bed so the sound doesn’t have to be blaring from the other side of the room you can have a much lower level of noise but you can still hear it perfectly well.

I hope the above helps in some way to ensure you have a great nights sleep but also enjoy your viewing time.


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