How to arrange pillows on a bed

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If you own a hotel or guesthouse, or if you’re just trying to work out how to make your bedroom look more elegant and put together, you might be wondering how to arrange pillows on a bed. What exactly is the right way to make a bed so the pillows look grand and inviting?

There are a few different ways, and many people have their particular favourites, but here are some ideas for arranging pillows on different sized beds!

How to arrange pillows on a king-size bed

Flair furnishings lucinda chesterfield side lift ottoman bedYou might be wondering how to arrange pillows on a king bed if you’ve just made a purchase – and if you haven’t, we really recommend our Chesterfield Side Lift Ottoman Bed. Firstly, you’ll probably want some bigger ‘king-sized’ pillows. These pillows will stretch across the whole width of your bed. If you don’t have king-sized pillows, you will want three normal-sized ones instead.

Place two of these side by side to make up the first layer of pillows. If you normally sleep with two pillows, then you might want another layer as well. Most king-sized beds have a ‘base layer’, which will be a neutral tone of pillow that matches the sheet. The top layer will generally match – or at least go very well with – the duvet cover.

Some people may decide on three layers of pillows. This is not so common but is quite frequently seen in hotels. The bottom layer generally rests on the headboard, with the other pillows in front. The bottom layer may be the same colour as the sheet, or it may match the duvet cover.

Leaving your king-sized bed like this is perfectly fine, but you may also want to accessorise it with cushions or throw pillows. There is no set way to arrange throw pillows on a bed, so try to envisage exactly what you want.

You could put one in the middle, or have one resting on either pillow. There are lots of ways to arrange cushions on your king-sized bed, so get creative and try a few different styles.

How to arrange pillows on a queen bed

Queen size beds, like our Laura Fabric Drawer Bed, are quite a bit smaller than king size, so you’ll only need regular pillows.

Some people who have queen-sized beds opt for just two pillows. However, most queen size beds do have four pillows – two on the top and two on the bottom – and the bottom layer generally consists of a less fluffy pillow than the top. This is to give the pillow layout some depth, yet not be too overbearing if you want to sleep with both.

It’s easy to arrange pillows on a double bed. First, place the bottom layer of pillows on the bed so they cross the entire width. Then, add the fluffier pillows to the top. The bottom layer of pillows should be a neutral tone, generally matching the sheet (like for a king bed). The top layer should work well with the duvet cover.

Again, you might want some cushions – because queen beds are quite a lot smaller than king-sized beds, you will probably only want one cushion in the middle. Nonetheless, it’s best to try a few combinations – if you’re after a really cosy, snug feel, you may prefer more.

How to arrange pillows on a twin bed

Twin beds are the easiest type of bed to make, and the best for arranging pillows. Most twin beds have one or two pillows. If you have just one pillow, the only task is to make sure that it matches well with the rest of the bedlinen.

If you have two pillows, stack them one on top of the other, or rest one against the headboard and put the other in front. The bottom pillow should be a neutral tone, as we have seen with king and queen beds.

Rarely, a single bed will have three pillows. Like with a king and queen bed, three pillows may alternate between matching the duvet cover and matching the sheet.

Twin beds may also have one throw cushion – any more would be a bit too overbearing.

Hopefully, if you’ve been wondering ‘how to arrange pillows on a bed?’, your question has now been answered! It is relatively easy to arrange pillows, although there is certainly no one size fits all policy for every single bed. By the way, these methods also apply if you are making bunk beds, like our Scandanavia Triple BuFlair furnishings scandinavia triple bunk bednk Bed.

Instead, different tastes mean different designs. Use this guide to help, but bear in mind that you may prefer extra pillows ad cushions or alternative ways of arranging them.
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