How to look after your fabric bed

Fabric bed

Tips to look after your fabric bed

If you are looking to replace your double bed or king sized bed then you’ve come to the right place. With a great selection of fabric beds that give a luxury feel to your bedroom you’ll also want to know that it will last. Our fabric beds are easy to take care of when you know how.

Here is our guide of making the most of your fabric bed.

Firstly you’ll want to ensure that your fabric bed is suitable for you. The first step to making that choice is to think about how the bed will fit into your room. You need adequate space to take in the bed’s headboard and footboard too. Depending on the decor of your room will it match and most importantly what colour fabric bed will you opt for?

Secondly you will want to ensure that you can clean the bed as well. Fabric beds are easier to clean than you think it just takes having the right things in your household cleaning cupboard. Hair and body oils can have an effect on a fabric headboard so make sure you clean on a regular basis in your general household cleaning routine.


You can hoover a fabric headboard to get rid of dust any dust that has clung to the fabric and then spray with a bit of oil free air fresher. Use something like vanish (the fabric not the carpet version) for any stains but do check the individual bed guidelines in case they cannot be used. If in doubt do a small spot test on an area underneath or to the back of the headboard if it wont be on view. Water and a damp cloth will suffice for simple cleaning.


When making up your fabric bed ensure that the fabric isn’t near direct heat, bright light or air conditioning as this can cause the fabric to discolour or crack. If the fabric headboard will be against the wall for long periods then it is worth moving and letting air flow behind every so often too.


Fabric beds can make a bedroom beautiful. You want your bedroom to be as glamorous as the bed so make sure that you have all the painting and decorating done before you place it. Think about what furniture you’ll have to match your bed too. Will you go modern or french chic?


All in all fabric beds are a great way to have a focus for the bedroom whilst helping it feel cosy and calm.


If you’re thinking about investing in one of our gorgeous fabric beds like the Lucinda chesterfield fabric bed then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

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How to look after your fabric bed