How to pick the right mattress for you


Choose the right mattress

Choosing a new mattress is an important decision. It’s the difference between a good nights
sleep and not! To help make this decision as easy as possible, here are a few
factors that you should take in to consideration.

Type of mattress

The type of mattress required will vary from person to person. With so many variations this can often cause confusion when you start looking into what one you need.

A memory foam mattress is just how it sounds. They are made up entirely of memory foam and are known for providing great support, body contouring and pressure relief.
More advanced memory foam mattresses have also been designed with more cooling
features so don’t sleep hot as much as they have done in the past.

Latex mattresses are made exclusively from latex foam and are well known for their comfort, responsiveness and bounce as well as cooling.

Mattress for people with bad backs

Cooled mattresses are generally the most widely used and popular type. An innerspring mattress will have one or more layers of coils, generally made from steel, that help provide support and comfort. Quite often the more springs means the greater support and comfort.

A pillow topped mattress can be found in all of the categories and will have an added layer of soft material which is sewn or stuffed into the mattress cover. This will provided added comfort and cushioning.

Hybrid mattress will be a combination of materials, such as latex, coils, memory foam and other materials. They are made to ensure certain benefits are highlighted and maximized and also ensuring that certain other factors are minimized.

Adjustable mattress, as you might well guess, offer the ability to change the position of the mattress, inclining the back or elevating the feet. Some may also be able to vibrate, heat or massage.

Of course a persons budget will vary individually but be assured with so many companies creating exceptional products at reasonable prices you will be sure to find what you want at a suitable price.

The firmness of a mattress is often the most difficult factors when choosing which one is right for you. You will need to factor in body type, height, weight and whether you require a soft, medium or firm feel. Firmness should not be confused with support, support means that it will keep your spine in the correct alignment and avoid pressure points.

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