How to pick the right mattress for you


Choose the right mattress

If you are looking to replace your current double bed and mattress then look no further.
Here at Bed Kingdom we want you to get the best nights sleep and so we have put together this guide so that not only can you find the best deal bed but you also get a quality mattress and bed for your budget.

Decide on your budget.

Have you got a budget in mind to spend on your mattress? We would always say for the best of your affordability. Mattresses differ in cost as well as function so make sure that you have enough in the pot for your ideal mattress choice. A great tip is to look for a trusted brand and their mattress options and see if they have a value version if that suits your finances more.

Size it right.

Make sure that your bed and mattress will compliment each other. Ensure that you measure up correctly or pop us an email if you need to talk about which one of our mattresses we would recommend for your bed frame.

Think about comfort.

You will want to think about your current mattress and how it feels. Would you prefer it softer or firmer? Will you sleep better on natural fibres or on a sprung double mattress? If you feel that your current double bed is too small then you may want to size up your bed to a king sized bed.

Look at the finish.

Our mattress selection has various finish so a quilted top may be great if you want a softer edge to your firm mattress or sprung mattress. Some people may prefer a smoother finish so look at the different styles and how they will compliment the filler of the main mattress material.

Read the reviews

If you have your heart set on a particular double mattress then you may want to check out the reviews. often you can find firmness and softness in a mattress differ from brand to brand so you’ll want to see how people who have purchased the same double mattress before have rated it.

All these tips will help you in finding the best nights sleep for you. Contact us now to see how we can help you find the perfect bed for you.

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