Ideas for a small bedroom

Ideas for a small bedroom 1

  • To enhance a feeling of space light colours are much better.
  • As appealing as a super large bed is you need to be realistic and buy a bed that fits your room and leaves space for the other furniture and storage you need.

  • Think of utilising the bed for storage.
  • Use as many mirrors as you can to bounce all available light around the room.
  • You can inject colour into a room but it is best to stick to a two colour scheme and add some personal touches with some bold prints on cushions and throws.
  • You can get great special benefits from hand crafted fitted furniture which run with the shape of the room.
  • Roman Blinds can give a sleek look without blocking all the light coming into a room. They can fit snuggly to the window leaving more room for the interior of the room.

  • If you need to have an office space place it by the window where the desk will not block out the light. When you are sat at your desk you also have a view to look out on.
  • If you wish a bold colour on the walls don’t be afraid. Put up striking wallpaper but use crisp white sheets and duvets so the room is not overpowered.
  • If you have a room with sloping ceilings put the bed under a slope so the usable area is left for areas where you may walk around.
  • A really clever way to maximise storage is by using your headboard area for storage.