How to keep your metal framed bed looking like new

Metal framed bed

Tips to Make a Metal Framed Bed look like new

Metal bed frames can be a great addition to a child’s bedroom. They are hard wearing and easy to clean so they are the perfect choice to have for a child. If you are considering buying a metal bed frame for your child’s bedroom you’ll want to think about how to maintain them especially as your child’s needs will change over time.

Here are a few tips we have for your metal framed bed maintenance!

Metal beds are fab for kids because they’re easy to clean. If you notice them looking a little dirty a warm cloth and some soapy water is all you need to make them look like new again. Metal polish is a great idea to give some added shine too. Check out the user guide that comes with your bed as it will tell you of any products to avoid.

You’ll want to remember to have a set of allen keys as metal beds do contract with the cold and the hot weather. Make a note twice a year to make sure all the parts are tightened.

Metal beds are long lasting and hardwearing so are great for rooms where you need a more durable bed. We know that many children are scared of the dark so if you’re using for a smaller child think about getting some led lights that can go around the frame. LEDs are much safer than the plug in variety as they are often battery powered!

Metal bed frames can vary in design so you can find something more traditional or get a funky modern design. You’ll want to think about how you child’s room may change as they get older so a more modern design can me more versatile than the traditional white shabby chic french designs you can find. Let your child have a say in what bed they have – it creates their sense of ownership in their room.

If you’re thinking of replacing a bed with a metal frame we have lots of advice on how to choose the right bed for you. Take a look at our metal bed range here on our website page dedicated to them!

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