Looking after your mattress


Tips to Look After Your New Mattress

When your mattress first arrives you will need to remove it from all of the packaging and leave it to air, uncovered for a few hours which will allow it to air. It was rolled up then you will need to allow it to flatten in a warm room for 24 hours before it’s first use.

Your mattress is likely to feel different to a previous mattress so you’ll need to allow time to adjust to the new level of support, firmness and comfort as the materials settle. Your new mattress will adjust to your sleeping positions, pressure points etc so allow the time for it to settle in with usage.

The upholstery will also settle a bit during use, which is normal and will not affect the mattresses support or comfort. Although this is not a concern there are some ways that you can help minimise this;

Air your mattress daily simply by turning your covers back when you get up. This allows the air to get to the mattress. If possible open the window to the room too, even for a short period of time, allowing fresh air to get to the mattress.

It is recommended that you rotate and/or flip your mattress every 6 weeks, unless it’s clearly stated that your mattress does not require this. Each mattress will clearly indicate whether it is required to be flipped (upside down) or rotated 180° so that the head and foot ends swap.

Using a mattress protector will help extend the life of your mattress by protecting it from contact with moisture from your body. This will help save it from this moisture for a longer period and ensure that the life of your mattress is as long as possible, a mattress is a big investment and vital to our everyday so we want to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.

You should also avoid the use of chemicals and cleaning products as they may compromise the fabric and the stitching. A clean damp cloth will be suitable for wiping over the mattress and then allow it to dry thoroughly.

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