Make Your Child’s Bedroom Brilliant

Child’s bedroom

Tips to Make Your Child’s Bedroom Awesome

Take your child’s interests to heart

Try to see this little space in the world through your child’s eyes. Yes, bright green walls may give you a headache, but this is their little corner of the house and they deserve to have it the colour they want.

Now, of course, children can be fickle. A child who loves pink princesses one day might be into ninja turtles twelve months later.. So the lesson here is: make sure the characterisation of your child’s room is easily fixed. So leave things like carpets and curtains neutral, and think accessories instead.

Make sure your themed items actually do the job they’re supposed to do, and don’t just look great.

That said, remember that it’s your child’s room so …

Let your child have creative control

Make sure that your child in the whole process. Let them choose the colours, the theme and the new bedding. Let them help to pick out the furniture and allow them the chance to revel in the creative control.

Let your child be the master of his domain. You won’t regret it. And you don’t have to sleep in there.

Create space where you can

A child’s bedroom has a different function to yours. It’s used to play, to read books and to do cartwheels. It needs more space for these things. So use whatever tricks you can to create more space. Mid-sleeper beds like this one because you have all that space underneath- to build dens, write in your secret diary or hide.

Choose floating shelves that can store books and toys etc without taking up floor space. Use the tops of wardrobes and under bed storage boxes to keep things as tidy as possible.

Think beyond the here and now

No parent likes to think about it for too long, but you have to remember that your child won’t be this little forever. And their tastes will change. So unless you want to change their furniture every couple of years then think long term.

Buy an adult sized wardrobe that will last for years, rather than small toddler sized one.

Pick a full sized bed rather than a toddler bed.

Try to imagine your child in six years time will their furniture stand the test of time?

What are your top tips for creating an awesome child’s bedroom?

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