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Mattress for people with bad backs

Back pain can act as one of the leading causes of sleep deprivation in individuals today, an aching back coupled with an ineffective mattress make for the worst combination which is potentially detrimental to one’s health. Unfortunately, the term ‘bad back’ can be levied upon a number of individuals today with over 80% of people suffering from upper, middle or lower back pain at least once in their life. Accordingly, one of the most important factors in relation to back pain is the type of mattress which is utilized, in fact this can determine the extent to which the back pain can improve or even worsen. The reason being, at one length of time an individual lays immobile on the bed on an average of about 6-7 hours therefore it is of the utmost importance that a proper alignment and support for one’s body is present.

What to look for in Mattresses for Back Pain?

Firstly, back support itself is one of the key factors for mattress selection by individuals with bad backs or with back pain. Although, previously hard beds have been recommended to patients with back pain, however as of late ‘medium-firm’ mattresses are thought to be the way forward in such cases.Mattress

Secondly, the type of sleeper an individual is also has an effect on the mitigation of back pain where the capacities of mattresses are concerned. In case if one is a ‘back-sleeper’ the mattress should be soft enough to outline your body however firm enough to support your lower back. However, ‘stomach-sleepers’ need firmer mattresses to keep them levelled and enable them to keep afloat on the bed itself. A ‘side-sleeper’ requires a slight softness or a certain ‘give’ in the mattress to cushion the lower body and shoulders.
The physical workings of a mattress should be as such so as to allow for even weight distribution thereby enabling support for an individual’s natural body curves and alignment of their spine.

What makes Memory Foam the Best Mattress for a Bad Back?

Memory foam

Keeping in view the aforementioned, the Memory Foam contours the entire body without any gaps between the bed and the spine, that is, diminishing the spine’s arch and allowing for the inner knee to be supported. Adding to this, it allows for the alignment of the spine to be maintained thereby preventing back pain and other associated discomforts which come with it. Conversely, a traditional spring mattress as result of the stiff springs lead to the sleeper to lay uneven on the bed adding to the back pain. Nevertheless, different individuals have different needs with regard to the density of said mattress therefore this can be chosen accordingly from a soft mattress to a medium firm mattress.

What Mattress will lead to being Back Pain free? (Or near to it)

Mattress for people with bad backs

As mentioned previously, though individuals have subjective needs to cater to in the area of mattresses there are several premium mattresses available in the market which allow for pain relief. These provide an amalgamation of the memory foam advantage along with the well tested, traditional comfort provided by coil springs. Thereby, not only conforming to the body in terms of softness and allowing the body leeway to be contoured to the mattress but also providing a surface firm enough to prevent sagging into the mattress.