How to measure your bed for the right mattress


Measuring the Dimensions of Your Mattress

You’ve chosen your bed and selected the perfect mattress, but are you sure that it is the right fit? When selecting a bed size it’s recommended that you must consider more than just the size of your bedroom. You must also ensure that it is able to fit through your entrance to our home as well as  being able to get the furniture through any passage ways or up staircases and into the required room.

Your mattress will need to match your needs. These factors will also affect what sized mattress you require;

Will you be sleeping with a partner? Take into account your height and build. It is recommended that you should (both) be able to lie side by side, with your arms behind your head and elbows out and not be touching. You may well find that a double is simply not going to give you enough room to sleep comfortably.

How large is your room and what type of frame will you choose, for example a divan bed base will need additional room to clearly access the storage drawers.

When selecting a mattress for a cabin bed or bunk bed oh will need to make sure the depth of the mattress is suitable for the frame, ensuring it complies with the necessary safety precautions and ensuring that a child is not at risk of rolling out of the bed.

Before making your final choice you’ll need to check the following things:

Will there be an issue with door widths, narrow hallways, low ceilings or stair banisters?

Will the furniture be delivered ready assembled or flat packed?

Will the mattress come flat or rolled right?

Are there any tight corners to get to the desired room?

Often some of these factors aren’t an issue as mattresses are quite flexible but please be aware that a larger mattress will not be as easily maneuverable, especially upstairs or through narrow passage ways.

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