Our new 360% rotating product images

Our new 360% rotating product images

Some of the most eagle eyed ones among you will have noticed some changes on our website. We have incorporated 360% degree rotating pictures on our products and will continue to do so until we have every product covered. We believe that it is our duty to provide our customers and potential customers the best possible experience on our site.

For the user it is more interactive and we all know that when you are on a website reading away it can get a bit monotonous. Anything that gives you movement automatically becomes more entertaining and keeps you focused longer.

Also when you are buying a bed and can just see a flat 2D picture of it is harder to imagine it in your bedroom or in your children’s bedroom. Having an image that rotates so you can see the sides the back and the front gives you a much better idea as to how the bed will function and fit into the desired space.

A couple of examples of your rotating images can be seen here http://www.bedkingdom.co.uk/thuka-midsleeper-free-tent.html and here http://www.bedkingdom.co.uk/parisot-kurt-2-bunk-bed-white.html

Please let us know what you think.

360% images are the way forward in our opinion to show our products fully and accurately to enable you to make the correct decisions about buying. We will continue to work to not only give you the best bed and furniture prices in the UK but also the best buying experience.