How to pick the right mattress for your king sized bed


Choose the right mattress for your king sized bed

When choosing a mattress for your bed you will need to consider the bed type. A spring bed will likely require a spring mattress and a foam mattress is more often teamed with a slatted bed base.  Where possible a new mattress should be bought with a new bed frame, as your mattress may not endure as long if used on an old bed.

Buying a new mattress is a big commitment

It might sound obvious, but ensure that you lie on the mattress and try it out before deciding if it’s the one for you.

If the mattress is going to be shared with a partner then make sure that you both try it out. It will need to be suitable for both of your heights, weights and comfort requirements. It may be a case of trialling several before you find one that is perfect for you. You will also need to allow for any special requirements such as the need for an adjustable mattress.

As well as choosing the internal mattress that is best for yourselves (see picking the right mattress guide here) you’ll also need to decide what finishing options for your mattress will be the best.

A mattress with a quilted finish is usually known to be smoother in comparison to some other finishes. The quilting is attached to the underlying filling of the surface and gives added comfort.

If you require a mattress that give firm and all-round support then an orthopedic mattress will be ideal. It gives solid support for your back and joints whilst still providing comfort.

Mattresses with a tufted finish are ideal to prevent loose fillings being moved or removed during use. This finish is most often used with a pocket sprung mattress. Tapes are used to secure the mattress at regular intervals, and this will usually result in the mattress having a firmer feel.

A pillow top finish provides the mattress with an extra layer of comfort on top. It is just like a pillow, but for the whole mattress surface. This means that the mattress will not require to be flipped but instead rotated 180°, from end to end so that the head and foot ends become opposite.

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