The Best Triple Bunk Beds for Messy Children

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Wading through your child’s room can seem to be an uphill task on an average day; a toy here, a bag there, it can get very difficult for you to navigate your way through the twists and turns in such a situation. Admittedly, what is a child to do; you can fit only so much into cupboards and other storage spaces, before inevitably the space runs out. This is where you need Flair Furnishings Flick Triple Bunk Bed available at Bed Kingdom.

Triple 2

This triple sleeper bunk bed provides ample storage space doing away from your woes of a messy bedroom, with shelving units built at the back of both the sleeping areas, the triple bunk bed provides the perfect solution to messy bedrooms. Children have ample space to put away their belongings in these units or even to just use it to place their bedside light. A further added feature, to provide your children ease of access to store their toys, books and such is the under bed drawer which provides convenience in the form of extra storage space. With cut out handles and bottom wheels, the utilization of said drawer could not be more practical; not to mention it does away from the need to have knob handles, which inevitably can be a source of pain if accidentally struck by your foot. It goes without saying messy bedrooms will no longer be a source of your worry with this innovative piece of furniture.


Needless to say, with such furnishings safety is always a concern for parents, with the added ladder feature however safety is in fact the main priority with this bed, putting you at ease with regard to the safety of your child. The ladder in question endorses a special design with the aim of ensuring safety and ease of access to and from the top bunk sleeping area. Its key features include comfortable ladder handles which ensures something solid to be held on to whilst climbing up and down along with wide steps allowing for greater foot stability; added together to aid your child’s safety. Furthermore, with a nominal additional cost, glow in the dark ladder self adhesive strips can be purchased along with the bed; simply stick them on to each of the metal ladder step supports and incur the advantage of better night time visibility for the same.

Other added features ensuring your ease from the time of purchase to the time of delivery includes the added advantage of ordering the top bunk along with the lower bunk mattresses whilst ordering the bed. Thereby enabling you to be free of the hassle of searching for mattresses of the required specifications i.e. standard single (90x190cm) mattress for the top bunk, and a small double (120x190cm) for the bottom bunk. Additionally, with it’s easy to follow manual instruction, self-assembly becomes an easy task which can be done according to your own schedule as the delivery will be made to you free of charge, even on the next day of when you place the order.Flick triple

[The Triple Bunk Bed is available at Bed Kingdom]( Currently available at a marked down price from £589.99 to just £489.99; Bed Kingdom also provides low finance options from 0% finance to cater to your needs accordingly.