the Best Type Of Mattress For Kids

The best type of mattress for kids

These days parents buy amazing beds. One look at our website shows the huge array of attractive beds that are on offer for kids. Their rooms look great and they love going to bed. But we should also consider that children sleep longer than adults and as such we need to ensure that their mattress is up to the job. There is a vast range of mattresses available and I shall try and go through what they all are;

Open coil mattresses: these are a traditional form of mattress that come in a range of comforts and can be very affordable but do not have the durability of other mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses: these have springs that work independently from each other to offer another level of comfort. They are more durable than the open coil version but come with a much heftier price tag.. You can choose many levels of pocket spring depending on the amount of springs in the mattress; the higher the number the higher the cost.

Memory foam mattress: in recent years these have become ever more popular. The foam adjusts to body weight and body heat to give a great night’s sleep as the foam alters to the contours of the body. They can be quite expensive but with the lower cost ones the foam is of a poor standard and if possible you should try and pay that little bit extra.

In the modern age children suffer, increasingly, with allergies and asthma so it is worthwhile either buying a hypoallergenic mattress or a mattress cover that has the same properties. If you are buying a good quality memory foam mattress then they are naturally resistant to dust mites as are latex foam mattresses.

The best type of mattress for kids

I think the upshot here is that I would recommend buying the best mattress you can afford for the health, comfort and durability advantages. Why not have a look at our range of both for adults mattresses  and kids mattresses.