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Things to consider when buying your child’s mattress

From their first precious moments in live to the teenage years you’ll be looking at products that best support your child. The majority of their early years are hopefully spent sleeping so getting the right mattress for their crib is really important.

Here is a bit of advice for deciding on the right mattress choice for your child:

You need to know which mattress and bed is suitable for your child. From 0-6 months your baby can use a bedside crib or a cot, a cot lasts from birth up until around 3 years old. Choices from 3 years old plus are a toddler bed or a single bed frame.

Most people stagger what they buy over these items but if spending the minimum you definitely need a cot and a single bed when they out grow that. As all these bed sizes differ you need to ensure that the mattress is snug to the corners and no gaps are present between the mattress and the base. Just a few millimetres off the right measurements can cause the mattress to move and obviously this will disrupt sleep.

Think about what the mattress is made of. We suggest that you also think about budget at this point so you know you can purchase the best affordable mattress for your budget. You won’t want a mattress that isn’t supportive enough for their little self so make sure it’s firm. Try to avoid synthetic material as this can often trap dirt and bacteria.

Buy a mattress protector! If you want your child’s mattress to last then you need to protect it. If you have a sickly child or a potty training one then invest in high quality covers that will prevent the mattress from absorbing liquids and germs! Mattresses can last up to 10 years and so you want to make sure that with the investment you have made buying a decent mattress that they last as long as they can!

When your child reaches the preschool years the level of support that they need in their mattress will change. Now is the time to invest in a single bed and mattress that will last them until their teenage years. A sprung mattress is perfect for this age as it is more flexible than the firmer mattresses that are available for cots and cot beds.

memory foam style mattress is also fab for those that have growing pains and like a softer mattress to sleep on. These options are more adaptable to the growing body then some others. Having a mattress that can be used for this whole time but if you have a sweaty teenager invest in a bamboo or similar cover to protect the mattress from teenage smells!

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Child's mattress