Tips on designing a kid’s bedroom

Tips on designing a kid's bedroom

When designing one of your kid’s bedrooms many parents think they know best as they “were kids once” but things change, fashions change and let’s face it you were kids a long time ago! So when you’re doing up a kids bedroom you should take care and use a skilled approach. How would a professional designer approach it? Well probably something like this:

  1. Listen to and confer with the client. Who is going to be in the room most and enjoying its features? Your child is obviously so shouldn’t they have a say? Ask them about colours, about furniture, about window coverings. You don’t have to take their full ideas on board, let’s face it they may go overboard a bit so just reign it in and give them what they want but on your terms.


  1. Make sure you design the room for them and not for you. Boys will probably not appreciate frilly curtains and floral fabrics. Once you have ideas take a step back and make sure it fits your child’s style and needs not yours!

Tips on designing a kid's bedroom


  1. Watch your budget; one of the easiest things to do when carrying out improvements in the home is to spend way too much. Shops and websites have stunning items and pictures that are very tempting and things that cost a fortune too! That’s great if you have a huge budget but how many of us really do? Be sensible plan, set your budget and stick to it.


  1. Spend the budget you do have wisely. If you have £500; don’t buy a designer wardrobe for most of that. Your child won’t appreciate having a £400 wardrobe and child’s bed for £25. Be sensible and get the items that you actually need first. If there is spare at the end then great get a few feature items.


  1. Be creative, there are loads of great ideas online on how to create special items for your son or daughters room. Try your hand at a little crafting and perhaps you will surprise yourself on what you can come up with. Anything from paint effects to a great pair of curtains or a funky light shade. Go for it and be adventurous!