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Bunk beds

Do you remember the days when bunk beds were purely a practical piece of furniture just for kids? Now the joy and fun of bunk beds are for everyone, not only for bigger families, they are great for a singles pad, tiny house, and even 5 star hotels are jumping on to this trend.  We all want to save space and still look contemporary and cool.

We went searching on one of our favourite bed furniture sites and found some seriously funky bunk beds for you all and are great for anyone who wants to save a penny or two.   So here are our top 5 carefully selected Bunk beds out there.

Which one is your favourite Bunk Bed?

LPD Rocco Bunk Bed

This bunk bed has come along way from rickety metal poles and a fear of the bed falling down. The LPD Rocco Bunk bed is almighty and extremely contemporary and has a slight industrial feel  and is perfect for any bachelor pad out there.  The Rocco is a beautiful vintage wood effect and has two large storage drawers for keeping lots of your belongings in. Perfect for any space savers amongst us.

Mathy by Bols Wagon Bunk Bed

How fabulous is this? Giving your children a permanent glamping experience with this Uber cool Wagon Bunk bed by Bols.

Boasting lots of fun places to put games, puzzles, books and toys and a desk for any tech wizard and artist! Lots of shelf space inside too. Give your children a mega treat with this bunk bed and sit back and enjoy the peace. Hours of entertainment with this bunk bed.

LPD Hero Bunk Bed

Any Scandinavian and contemporary lovers out there? Then this is the bunk bed made for you. LPD Hero Bunk bed comes in a sleek Matt white or grey and just looks extraordinary.

Paired with some side tables and rugs and with large plants to really give this piece of furniture the love it deserves.

Mathy by Bols Dominique Triple Bunk Bed

3 is the magic number! And here it really is! This sleek and totally functional bunk bed fitting not 1, not 2 but 3 people in.  This three tied triple bunk is what luxury is made of, and not only extravagant but fits in with most contemporary furnishings.

Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk bed

Bedtime will never the same again! Bringing part of the outside in with this out of this world tree house bunk bed. This quirky tree house bed has a roof and windows and are reversible to be configured to your child’s preference to ensure they can keep an eye out for any intruders that come along! Such a fun and funky bed for all kids and adults to enjoy.

Available here in different colours.

Mathy by Bols Tent Cabin Bed

For the artist and creative type in us all, here is the Mathy by Bols Tent Cabin bed. With its aesthetic beauty, it’s a perfect space saving alternative bed for adults and children alike. This show stopper also comes with a trundle bed underneath for when friends or family wish to sleepover.  The Tent cabin bed comes with its unique fabric side wall which can be fastened by straps or put down for the ultimate hideaway experience.  The Tent Cabin bed also comes in huge selection of colours.

Whatever the reason you are adding a bunk bed to your life we know you’ll find a winner for your home in our top 5! Which one will you pick?