TV beds can make your bedroom multi-functional

Tv beds can make your bedroom multi-functional

There is often a difference of opinion when couples are decorating a bedroom. Often, but not always, the female in the relationship wants flowers, nice clean lines, nice voluptuous wallpaper, lots of cushions, great bedding and relaxing space where she can escape the kids. The guys, on the other hand, want a comfy bed and a big TV and that’s about it, maybe a games console as well.

So how do these wants fit together? Does a big black flat-screen TV look good against expensive or flowery wallpaper? Does the football playing on the wall fit with scented candles and fluffy cushions?

What you need is a room that can be both. When she needs some relaxing time or a romantic evening then the TV and the men’s toys can be put away and her things can stand proud. When there is a big match on the TV can pop out and the bedroom can be his domain.

So how do we achieve this? With a TV bed of course.

Now with a flick of the switch, your TV appears. You get a great looking, a tidy bedroom that quickly transforms into a TV room. The beds even have slots in them for skyboxes or DVD players or free sat boxes. It’s all kept neatly.

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