What should you consider when designing a kids bedroom

What should you consider when designing a kids bedroom

Designing a kids bedroom can be the most difficult job in the house for a number of reasons. There are so many things to take into consideration.

Age – the room must be age appropriate but it also has to last. There are not many of us that can afford to do a redesign every couple of years so use neutral pieces of furniture for the main pieces and perhaps style it up with bedspreads, curtains and lampshades. There are some great midsleepers and highsleepers now that you can add functionality as the child gets older so you could for instance add a desk module or some more storage to the original bed.

Style – choose a style that will last a while and get your child’s input. It is important that they feel comfortable in the room as they will spend a lot of time in there.

Durability – depending on the child’s age there could be a lot of play in that room. You know what your child is like better than anyone, be realistic and make sure what you buy will stand up to the wear and tear it will receive.

Space – often the children have the smallest rooms in the house so be realistic as to what you can fit in their room. Look at space saving furniture like midsleep beds and high sleeper beds. These can incorporate loads of additional space saving ideas like under bed seating areas or work spaces.

Safety – Kids will play boisterously at times so make sure their rooms are safe and that any items of furniture are sturdy enough to be bashed and even climbed on.

Storage – we al know kids have lots of toys so storage is key. We have already mentioned types of beds that have storage included take a look at them they can be life savers. Plus they are cool and your kids will love you more!

What should you consider when designing a kids bedroom