What types of bed are suitable for my child?

So what is a mid sleeper? There are many types of childrens beds these days some with desks, storage, pull out beds but what do they all mean. Well this is designed to help you through the world of kids beds.

A mid sleeper is the name for a bed that is off the floor but only by about 3 or 4 steps. Under the bed there will be a space for storage or for play. It is suitable from the age of about 6.

A bunk bed is well know as a good option if you have two children sleeping in one room as it doesn’t take up much floor space.

A single bed is exactly as it says. A single bed suitable for one child, underneath you may have some limited storage or even a pull out bed. We would recommend a single bed from the age of 4.

A cabin bed is similar in lots of ways to a mid sleeper but it is slightly lower off the floor and will therefore have slightly less storage options underneath. As it is lower we would recommend this from age 4, perhaps with a rail. They are sometimes know as low sleepers.

A high sleeper is a bed that is raised right off the floor at a similar distance to a bunk bed or even higher in some cases. This height enables the space below to be used for a variety of uses such as a sitting area, a work space, storage options, a spare bed that can double as a seat. It is really up to you what you use it for and it can be flexible so its use may change as your child ages. We would recommend this type of bed from age 6.