Why we chose a bunk bed for the boys.

Why we chose a bunk bed for the boys.

As a father of twins the arrival of our baby girl caused us a few headaches. Don not get me wrong she is wonderful but space does become an issue for us in our normal three bedroomed house. The boys are used to their own rooms and now baby Lucy is going to need a nursery and the boys will have to share. We would love to move to a four bedroomed house but financially that isn’t going to happen this year and probably not next.

The answer will have to be some sort of bunk beds. My wife is worried about the danger of a bunk bed. Danger? Really are they dangerous. I had one as a kid and never did I fall. So we made a list of the advantages and the disadvantages.

So the advantages as we saw them:

  • The boys get a bed each instead of sharing a double.
  • Bunk beds don’t take up much floor space. Instead of having twin beds or a double which has a big floor print and doesn’t leave a lot of play and storage space.
  • Some bunk beds can be split into two in the future.
  • Some bunk beds have storage included.

The disadvantages are:

  • Safety – a big one for my wife.
  • Logistics in making the beds seeing to the kid on the top etc.
  • Climbing and descending a ladder can sometimes be difficult for a young child especially when they are half asleep.

I talked her round on the safety issue as I recommended a bunk bed without a ladder but with a stair instead. This only looks great but is way easier to climb to the top bunk. It does take a slightly bigger footprint but that’s the price of keeping the wife happy.

Once we had agreed this we just needed to find the ideal bed which offered the safety, storage and that the kids loved. We went to Bed Kingdom Bunk Beds as their website showed a great range and at good prices too.

This is what we bought. It has stairs, storage on both levels so both the boys can keep their toys and books close by. They both have a light they can use at night that are independent of each other. And we even have a pull out bed underneath so the boys can have a sleepover with a friend and maybe with their little sister when she is older. it is also from Parisot so it is a great make and should stand the test of time which is important when you have two boisterous boys.

And the final thing, the boys love it. They can’t wait to go to bed or play in their room which is a great boost for us. How long it will last who knows but it isn’t showing any signs of waning yet.